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Static Line Training

We’ve been busy this winter! If you would like to start Static Line Student Training we are ready with several new coaches with Static line coach ratings.

Static Line Jumps are $125 for Cat A-E1 per jump.  Below is an excerpt from detailing Static line training in general and the advantages between Static Line and AFF skydive training.


“This method has evolved over the last ~30 years from its military origins into a successful method for training sport parachutists. The student gets 4-5 hours of ground training and is then taken to an altitude of about 3000 feet for the jump. The jump itself consists of a simple “poised” exit from the strut of a small single engine Cessna aircraft, or the side door of a larger aircraft. As the student falls away from the plane, the main canopy is deployed by a “static line” attached to the aircraft. The student will experience about two to three seconds of falling as the parachute opens.

Subsequent S/L jumps require about 15 minutes of preparation. After 2 good static line jumps, the student will be trained to pull their ripcord for themselves. The student then does 3 more static line jumps where they demonstrate this ability by pulling a dummy ripcord as they leave the plane (the static line is still initiating the deployment). The student is then cleared to do their first actual free fall.

The first freefall is a “clear & pull”, where the student initiates the pull sequence immediately upon leaving the aircraft. Next is a 10 second delay jump. Subsequent jumps go to progressively higher altitudes with longer delays. After 25 free falls, and meeting certain other basic requirements, the student receives their A license and is cleared off student status.”   (

For more information on becoming a skydive student or available courses checkout


We look forward to a year of meeting new students and static line training!

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