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Demo Team

Exhibition Skydiving

  • Tired of the same old routine at your event?
  • Looking for a new way to reenergize and motivate your organization?
  • Want to promote something in a unique and memorable way?

We’ve got just the idea for you!

Let the Parachute Demonstration Team’s expert and experienced skydivers add excitement and a strong visual appeal to your outdoor event.

Skydiving exhibitions are ideal for field games such as football, soccer or baseball and work very well in many other situations that allow for an adequate landing area such as company picnics, race events, open-air concerts, and county fairs.

Trained and knowledgeable staff will work with you to thrill your crowd and make your event truly one of a kind.

a person flying through the air while holding a kite
a blue and white kite flying high in the air

We will bring four skydivers hurtling through the air, on your cue, who will then deploy their brilliantly colored canopies to fly around overhead and delight the crowd.

In addition to this, additional options can include the flying of our American flag by one of the jumpers, colored smoke displays, and delivery of special items such as game balls, awards, keys, or whatever. Day or Night!

The team can be outfitted with your home team colors or jerseys or any manner of promotional apparel. They can fly custom banners, streamers, do aerial stunts, or pass out promotional items or fliers to the crowd after landing.

The sky is the limit!

Demonstration Jump Pricing

Every demonstration jump is a custom presentation tailored to your specific needs and particular event.

For details on pricing please contact:

Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team @ or (602) 617-4464


a plane flying in the air