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Skydive East Tennessee

East Tennessee's #1 Skydiving Center

Skydive East Tennessee

East Tennessee's #1 Skydiving Center

Skydive East Tennessee

East Tennessee's #1 Skydiving Center

Welcome to the Best Skydiving Center in East Tennessee!

Welcome to East Tennessee’s #1 Skydiving Center!

Jump from a perfectly good airplane in an area renowned the world over for its amazing views of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park!!!

Allow us the pleasure of showing you how amazing the view is from 2 miles up!!

Amazing Skydive Experience

We are the only skydiving center in the East Tennessee area with facilities for you and your guests. We have a climate controlled building with restrooms, training rooms, spectator facilities, video viewing areas, padded indoor packing room, and free WiFi. Our staff of licensed professionals care about your experience and safety. 

Low Price is not always an indication of a quality service.  Savvy shoppers can price shop drop zones and may have their attention drawn to a business who promotes a tandem skydive cheaper than other local centers.  Bargain priced skydiving places a premium on client and staff safety. Our prices reflect a business model that allows aircraft and parachute equipment to be properly maintained for full compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.  Likewise this model allows our staff to be compensated for their skills and knowledge.  

Skydive East Tennessee is unique in that we own our airport. 

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We offer skydiving just 26 MILES from Knoxville. Skydive East Tennessee is located just 1.7 miles off I-40, Exit 412. (Look for us on the attractions signs at the exit)

Skydive Over the Smoky Mountains

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Great fun and beautiful views

"They have their own paved runway and extended grass strip with a nice grass landing area for the skydivers. The place is professionally run and very friendly. As it is near the Smokey Mountains you get beautiful views of the mountains and nearby rivers and lakes from the plane and on the way down."

– Jotum | TripAdvisor
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Most Incredible Experience Ever!

"Wonderful experience. They were very thorough with the safety briefing and I knew what to expect with each step. It set the bar so high I doubt I ever find anything to top it. Can't wait to go back!!!"

– Johnna | TripAdvisor
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Highly recommended!

"This was my first tandem jump ever! At East Skydive Tennessee, everyone is very friendly and will talk to you to put you at ease. The instructors are very well skilled and guide you through this amazing experience! Definitely worth it!"

– Alexander | TripAdvisor
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Top notch crew

"If you've ever wondered or thought about jumping this is the place to do it. The staff always makes sure you're comfortable about each jump and absolutely no pressure to just get your money and out of their plane. GREAT PEOPLE to earn your wings with."

– Rob | TripAdvisor