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Admit it you’ve been waiting to fly since the day you were born.  Find a great instructor and get ready for freefall!

You must be 18 or older and no heavier than 200 lbs! Absolutely no exceptions!

You will need an accredited, reputable jump school such as Skydive East Tennessee, be active and in good health, a current photo ID, and a daredevil level sense of adventure!

Price: Solo jumps for licensed jumpers are $27 to full alititude

$24 for Hop n’ Pops

Warning: Skydiving can be extremely dangerous. Investigate your skydiving school thoroughly, and consult a doctor to make sure you’re medically fit to jump.

Becoming a licensed skydiver

The First Jump Course is not required for a tandem skydive ~ a tandem skydive is the quickest and easiest way for you to experience freefall and the thrill of skydiving. To book your tandem skydive, call or email us.

If you want to become a licensed skydiver, Skydive East Tennessee offers you the most advanced and highest quality training with a modern approach to customized skydiving instruction. We are the only United States Parachute Association Training Center in East Tennessee.

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We tailor activities and progression to suit your needs. Our staff is USPA rated in all contemporary methods of skydiving.

Our programs cover the skills and jump requirements to obtain a license from the United States Parachute Association. Your price includes one-on-one instruction, equipment rental and the jump itself just outside of Knoxville, TN.

  • Minimum Age is 18 years
  • Maximum Weight is 200 pounds
  •  No overweight allowances 

AFF – Accelerated Free Fall Training

You exit the aircraft with two certified AFF Instructors and freefall together for 30 seconds, depending upon jump altitude, typically 11,000 feet.

Instructors maintain grips on your harness to provide in-air instruction and assist with stability if necessary.

Then you open your own parachute by 4,000 feet and pilot it to the landing area while enjoying views of the scenic Smoky Mountains and Douglas Lake.

After AFF

After completion of the AFF program you must complete 1 jump every 30 days to remain current. If you go beyond this, you must complete a jump under the supervision of an instructor before jumping solo again. Therefore, most jumpers begin working toward their “A” license. You are eligible after 25 jumps, completion of certain review items, a few jumps with a USPA Coach, and demonstration of 10 landings within 25 meters of a target. An “A” license holder can go 90 days between jumps.

A License certification complete package Includes ground school and 7 AFF skydives. 

(does not include repeat AFF skydives)

Email for current pricing



After graduation of the AFF program please budget for a few additional expenses:

United States Parachute Association membership is required for all students beginning with Cat. C2. Membership can be purchased directly from .

During AFF Skydive East Tennessee provides all necessary equipment. However, after AFF graduation each student must have their own helmet, altimeter, and jumpsuit. We are available to advise you on local resources when you start investing in your personal skydiving gear.

For everyone’s safety goggles will not be loaned out for use. Jumpers can buy a pair of goggles at our facility starting at $12. Thank you for your cooperation!


The First Jump Course is $89.

You will learn about the equipment used, how we control our bodies in freefall, how to handle freefall and parachute emergencies, and how to fly and land a square parachute.

At the drop zone, we will cover airplane safety, and we will practice the actual skydive on the ground before we jump.

Your first skydive takes a lot of preparation, so plan to be at the drop zone most of the day for your first skydive. Subsequent dives can happen much quicker.

Complete AFF Package

Complete AFF Package


Includes the following:

  • First Jump Ground School ($89 Value)
  • Category A, B, C, C2, D, D2, and E-1 Jumps
  • USPA membership (required after C1) and Repeat AFF jumps NOT INCLUDED
  • Save $84!!

AFF Category price per jump

A – Intro to Freefall $270.

B – Body Position Awareness & Turns $270.00

C – 1 ) Heading maintenance, 1st Release Dive $270.00
    2 ) Single Instructor, Hover Control $185.

D –  1 ) 360 Degree Turns $185

       2 ) Unassisted Exit $185.00

E – Regaining Stability $185.00

Continued Training for A license

Continued training after Category E is not included in the AFF Package.

After Category E, the student is cleared for self supervised free fall. Solo jumps after Category E are $30 for a lift ticket, $25 for gear rental (if needed), and a $10 packing fee per jump .  Additional fees may be associated with additional gear as needed. Through Categories F, G, H, the student will do solo jumps, clear and pull exits, and coach jumps as needed. The student may jump with any Coach or Instructor skydiver until he/she obtains the A-License.

  • Coaching Dive (Coach, Student and equipment included) $105.00
  • Pack Jobs are $10 for student gear