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Safety Day on 3-12-21- Kick off the 2021 season this Saturday!


The 2021 season is finally here! We are super excited to see the advancement of our current jumpers, the introduction of our beloved sport to new jumpers, and getting everyone current after the events of 2020.

Safety Day is a USPA event to ensure skydivers of all levels come into the new season with the support of their skydiving community so as to continue to develop and maintain the safest possible outcomes in the sport we all love. Every year, we encourage all jumpers, especially the ones out of currency, to attend and develop relationships that will help cultivate knowledgeable and safe decisions while skydiving.  We hope to see active students, inactive students, never before jumped, newer and older pro jumpers. If you are questioning whether you want to learn to skydive then we encourage you to attend.  No experience necessary for attendance.


sunrise jump


This event, unlike other skydiving events, will not be weather dependent. Rain or shine we will be there this Saturday and we hope to see y0u there!!


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