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Safety Day 2023

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March 11, 2023

The end of a long winter season is in sight! Starting in November, if it was a weekend then we were gifted with rain and stormy winds.  It had the drop zone looking like a ghost town.

With the winter season behind us, start the season off right by attending our 2023 Safety Day event. Members of our jump community that have paused their skydiving since the Covid-19 issue are encouraged to return and rekindle their passion for the sport.

Safety Day is designed to provide review and training on Emergency Procedures, Canopy Control, Landing Patterns, Airplane Procedures, Gear Checks and more. This is a great time to ask those questions that have been accumulating over the winter. Earn your Safety Day tee shirt after some practice at the cutaway harness under the guidance of a familiar instructor.

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Instructor Mike Carter will conduct a Canopy Flight class in compliance with the B License requirements beginning Saturday morning.  Also, he will have some canopy drills for experienced jumpers to try during recurrency jumps.

Join us and your fellow skydivers as we gear up for the official opening of the 2023 season with seminars, Q&A sessions and a pot luck dinner.

    *** Start time for Safety Day & canopy course is 9am. ***

        **** The canopy fee is $50 plus the jump Fees.****
              ****** You must RSVP to register! ******
    *** SET will provide the main entree! ***
** Please bring a side or dessert **
*  Dinner at *5-ish *
********* RSVP for dinner.*********


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