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Fun Jumping Resources

Tandem Skydive

You should plan to spend 2-6 hours here depending upon the size of your group, or possible delays due to weather, etc.

We don’t jump in dangerous winds, clouds or any conditions that push the limits of completing a jump safely. We can’t control the weather, but we can make good decisions about the conditions in which we choose to conduct operations.

When you arrive at check in we will help you fill out the necessary paperwork. Before you climb aboard the plane, you will watch an orientation video. One of our USPA Instructors will brief you on the equipment and technique for tandem parachute freefall. You will get geared up with a jumpsuit, harness, and goggles.

We have everything you need and ALL necessary gear is included!! 

After that, all you have to do is enjoy a plane ride, experience the thrill of freefall and see your world in a beautiful new way underneath a parachute.

On the way to exit altitude your instructor will go over the skydive again, answer any questions you may have, and prepare the equipment for your adventure.

Once you are securely attached to your instructor, the door will be opened and experienced jumpers will begin to exit the aircraft. If you have a cameraman, they will climb outside the aircraft. Meanwhile, you and your instructor will move to the edge of the door and then it’s…


The freefall portion of your skydive is an exhilarating 45 seconds of 120 M.P.H. freefall where you and your instructor will perform turning maneuvers and at the appropriate altitude, your instructor will open your parachute.

When your instructor opens the parachute, the freefall is over but the adventure is not. Maybe it is the difference in noise or speed, but most people describe it as just overwhelmingly peaceful.

After about a 5-minute scenic parachute ride you and your instructor will land back where it all began.


What’s next if I want to learn to skydive?

You can start Accelerated Freefall training (AFF) which involves learning to skydive under the direct supervision of our professional instructors. Skydive East Tennessee is a USPA designated Training Center.

Video/Photo Options

You can only make your first tandem skydive once. Whether it turns out to be a single bucket list experience, or you get hooked and keep with it, you’ll be glad you have your video for the first time.

Your DVD will include the pre-flight training, scenes from the plane ride, complete freefall and landing, as well as interviews and other fun stuff! The 6-8 minute finished DVD Video is the perfect way to never forget when you crossed skydive off your bucket list!

A CD of high-resolution digital stills is also an option and the perfect way to share photos by email or upload to your favorite social media platform.


Add digital stills or video + $75.00 per person
Add BOTH video & digital still photos + $100.00 per person

Weight Restriction

Most drop zones have weight limits.

Skydiving equipment manufacturers are the ones responsible for setting weight limits for products. Rigorous testing has been done to all components to ensure safety, but some body types do not allow for straps to be safely secured. Also, not all instructors have the physical strength required to safely maneuver a heavier passenger back to the ground.

Every parachute system has a maximum weight it is rated to carry in order to function properly and safely.

The most important factor is that your height and weight are proportionate, to allow for proper fit of the equipment. All things proportionate, you must weigh no more than 220 pounds. Weight limits are strictly enforced and everyone is weighed prior to jumping. 

For legal reasons and limitations of equipment, ALL passengers must be at least 18 years of age and weight no more than 220.