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2022 Skydive Season is finally here!

We are beginning our 2022 season!

Fun jumpers, tandems, and students welcome!

So begins, new students starting their pathway to an A licence and hopes for over 1000 tandem jumps.

If you are interested in a tandem jump. We take reservations thru this site.  On our home page, Simply click the ‘book now’ button and you will be prompted through the process. 

If you are interested in the student training at our facility we recommend giving us a ‘Follow’ on our Meta (Facebook) page. We post our FJC (first jump course) events on this page.  A FJC is the first step to becoming a licensed skydiver!  For over a decade we have been introducing ‘first timers’ to the world of skydiving. This season, We look forward to introducing a whole new group to this life changing world !


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