Skydive Christmas

Skydive Christmas

Imagine the reaction when your gift of a Tandem Skydive is unwrapped this holiday!

Then imagine the excitement continuing long after the jump is made as the photos and video are shared with family and friends.

Give the Gift of Altitude, a Tandem Skydive and save $100 now thru Dec. 23, 2016. Telephone 865-223-5155.

A tandem skydive the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life and now is the time to book a tandem skydive for the 2017 season with our holiday savings.

Tandem jumping is about the EASIEST way to do that “First Jump”. And Skydive East Tennessee is the place to do it. We are located 26 miles from downtown Knoxville, TN; less than 20 miles from Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN; about an hour from the Tri-Cities area and Asheville, NC and about 2 hours from Chattanooga, TN. We own and operate a private airpark dedicated exclusively for skydiving activities. You can’t get better views in freefall and under canopy of the Smoky Mountains anywhere else.

Now through December 16, 2016 each tandem gift certificate purchased includes the $100 Video & Digital Still Photography Package. Give the gift that will make lifetime memories for $224.00 + $5 credit card fee. Save $100.00.
This holiday special price expires 12/16/16 and cannot be combined with other offers. Receive a gift certificate to book the tandem jump anytime during the 2017 season (March-December).

Gift certificates are non-refundable but may be transferred to any adult in compliance with the following: be at least 18 years old, height and weight in proportion with no weight over 220 pounds.



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Weekend Temps in the 60s. Rush on…

sunscreen products and tee shirts reported at local shops.  LOL

Finally the forecast weather for the weekend is great for skydiving.  Get rid of those winter blahs.  Treat yourself to a tandem skydive.    Call for details 865-223-5155.Nick & Deanna tandem1941 copy

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Leap with Your Love

It’s time to starting thinking about Valentine’s Day ! !

This holiday is not just for the newly in love, it’s a day for dating couples, engaged, recently married and long-time married to celebrate the passion of their relationship.

So what is the connection to jumping out of an airplane. Well it takes passion to make that Tandem leap and who better to do that than the one with you are most connected.

Passion keeps a relationship fun and loving. Passion keeps partners connected.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the passion of couples, Skydive East Tennessee offers the chance to show and share your passion for your partner.

This offer is available for purchase now thru Feb. 14th. Your tandems can be scheduled anytime during normal business operations. There is no expiration date on your tandem certificate,

Complete details are available call 865-223-5155.

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Facebook Special

Want the best view of the Smoky Mountains?

And at the best price?

Available now a limited time…Tandem Skydive for $179.00 + $5 credit card fee. Payment in full required to reserve this special price.

Proof of purchase will be e-mailed. Certificate is valid indefinitely for a Monday thru Thursday redemption.



  • Payment in full required to book a reservation or purchase as a gift certificate
  • The “Fall Special” does not have to be used this autumn. They can be bought as a gift certificate or purchased with a plan to jump during a summer vacation.
  • There is no expiration date, the reservation or gift certificate is transferable, no refunds except when cancelled due to weather conditions on the day of reservation.
  • The full $179 value can be applied towards the tandem rate to jump on a holiday or a day other than a Monday thru Thursday.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts
  • No group rates, military, college student discount
  • $179 rate applies to clients weighing up to 220 pounds. Additional fee applies when weight exceeds 220 pounds.
  • All $179.00 tandems will jump from 9,000 feet altitude (10,000 feet above sea level)

Photography Services Available, Package of Video & Stills $100.00

Subject to instructor availability, clients will jump one at a time, two at time when staffing permits. Photography services will be on the same availability.

Additional details such as directions, how to dress and time budget on tandem jumping are available on this website.

The $179 rate is made possible by reducing the expense of fuel and aircraft time. We cannot reduce the fees earned by the pilot, instructor and rigger. Higher altitude tandems are available but the full price $224 would apply for the additional freefall time.


  • Friday tandem rate; cash price $199 ($204.00 by credit card)
  • Saturday, Sunday, Holiday tandem rate; cash price $224 ($229.00 by credit card)


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event 3

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Event 2

Let’s check

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Event 1

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

How to Skydive

How to skydive…

Admit it, daredevil—you’ve been waiting to fly since the day you were born.   Find a great instructor, throw on that jumpsuit, and get ready for freefall!

To complete this How-To you will need:

To be 18 or older and  no heavier than 220 lbs
An accredited, reputable jump school such as Skydive East Tennessee
Good health
Photo I.D.
$270 for your Ground School (The First Jump Course) and your first skydive
A sense of adventure

Warning: Skydiving can be extremely dangerous. Investigate your skydiving school thoroughly, and consult a doctor to make sure you’re medically fit to jump.

Step 1: Find your school

Skydive East Tennessee is the only US Parachute Association TRANING CENTER in East Tennessee.
Tip: Skydiving schools are sometimes referred to as “drop zones” or ”dz’s”.

Step 2: Be healthy

You need to be in good shape, which means you shouldn’t be taking any medications that affect coordination or decision-making process. If you have a pre-existing condition, consult the jump school to see if they think they can work with you. Also, don’t scuba dive or donate blood for at least 48 hours, and don’t drink alcohol for at least 8 hours before your jump date.

Tip: If you suffer from obesity, epilepsy, alcohol or drug addiction, heart disease, or a tendency to black out, choose a different sport.

Step 3: Pick a day

Pick a day and book it. You may be asked to put down a deposit in advance, and to call to confirm your reservation.

Step 4: Prepare for your jump

On the day of your jump, eat a small meal before heading to the drop zone. Wear comfortable clothing that can fit under a jumpsuit and tennis shoes; and avoid overly tight or baggy clothing, flip-flops, and high heels. Also, if there’s any inclement weather, you may need to wait a little while, so bring something to keep yourself occupied.

Step 5: Fill out the forms

At the school, you’ll be asked to provide I.D. and review and sign several legal forms. Usually, these documents certify that you understand the risk you’re about to take, and state that you waive the right to blame the school if anything goes awry. These forms look scary, but they’re fairly standard. Read them through, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Step 6: Pay up

Your first skydive with an instructor will cost $270 (combined cost of the First Jump Course and your first skydive), so make sure you’ve got the resources to pay before you go.

Tip: You may also pay more if you’d like to get a DVD of your jump.

Step 7: Go in tandem

If its your first skydive don’t expect to go solo. It’s likely that, for your first dive, you’ll go as a tandem where you’re strapped to the front of an instructor. It’s still super exciting, and much less dangerous since your instructor’s right there to help.

Step 8: Learn the ropes

Before you head up, you’ll be given an orientation class, where you’ll spend time getting comfortable with the gear, the terminology, what to expect, how to react, and what signals to look for. Each school’s instruction is a little different, so even if you think you know what’s going on, pay close attention.

Step 9: Suit up and head out

Once you’re appropriately attired with a jumpsuit, a harness—which will hook up to your instructor—and goggles or glasses, you’re ready to board your flight.

Step 10: Jump

When the moment’s right, your instructor will let you know that it’s time to jump. Since your plane will ascend to a height between 10,000 and 14,000 feet, you’ll enjoy as much as 65 seconds of total freefall before your tandem buddy signals you to pull the rip cord, which will deploy the parachute and slow your fall.

Step 11: Land

Once you’re on the ground, you’ll sign a logbook, proving that you completed a training dive. It’s official—you’ve made your first jump!

… adapted from this video on YouTube:

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